Rust converter Fertan 250ml

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Rust remover and metal treatment

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Patented and proven rust remover and metal treatment
Fertan destroys rust.  It converts loose rust to a powder that can be easily washed off and leaves a stable inert surface which is safe from further rusting.
Water based, non-toxic and non-flammable, it is environmentally friendly.
The residue from use is non acidic.
Fertan offers exceptional protection against rust and allows any choice of final coating: oil or water based, epoxy, lacquer or wax
Also useful on strong corrosion and bare metal
The surfaces must be free from oil, grease and silicon before application.
Fertan can be applied outdoors in any weather condition apart from freezing
Suitable for cars, small parts, ships, bridges and other industrial applications.
Other sizes available.  1 litre treats 12 - 15 square metres

Manufacturer:  Fertan - Germany


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