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Fully synthetic ATF Fluid


Gulf Western  Synthetic automatic transmission fluid
SYN-TS is a fully synthetic multifunctional transmission fluid
SYN-TS is suited to high performance vehicles, vehicles working under load or towing a heavy load
It is formulated from a unique blend of fully synthetic base oil offering unparralled transmission fluid technology
Meets the 2005  DEX-IIIH specification
SYN-TS is designed for all modern car requiring:
DEX-III, Ford 95LE, Type M, J-matic, ATF 4, DEX 6

Manufacturer:  Gulf Western
The tough Australian

SYN-TS offers:
Reduced friction & wear
Mixable with mineral oils
Reduced temperatures
Decreased down time
Extended drain intervals
Excellent shear stability
Minimal viscosity loss.


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