About us

Auto One brings you the best automotive advice and products in New Zealand.

We are locally owned and operated; we employ trained parts people, who have real passion for cars and understand your driving needs.

Auto One gives you the Right Gear and the Right Advice!


AutAuto Oneo One started in Australia when a group of progressive Automotive parts retailers joined force to increase their product range and improve their buying power. In this concept, each shop is owner operated and that very characteristic ensures the quality of the service and the attention you receive.

This franchise concept was very successful and soon there were more than a hundred of stores spread all over Australia.

It did not take long for the Kiwi to grasp the advantage of this formula and a parallel network developed in New Zealand.  Auto One is North Island based and you know you can find there, at the right price and with the right service, the car parts you are looking for.
Look for the very recognizable red & blue stripe. Check out our STORE LOCATOR