Muffler – 16″long 51mm ID Coby

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Free flow, directional, sport resonator muffler


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Free flow, directional, sport resonator muffler
Coby mufflers are designed for improving exhaust flow and sound
A must for custom built exhaust systems
Coby mufflers are manufactured with a thick gauge steel
Such a thick gauge muffles the high pitch or tinny sounds
Barrell packed with fiberglass muffler mat
Special stainless steel wool packing for rotary and race application
Weld on muffler; respect the flow direction
Inlet & outlet internal pipe diameter:  2"= 51mm
Barrell length:  16"= 400mm
Barrell external diameter:  4"= 102mm
Muffler overal lenght:  22"= 540mm
Colour coded Coby red

Manufacturer:  Coby

Remark:  Remember the larger the muffler the quieter the exhaust


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