Side rails roof rack Airo bars 1.3m CRUZ

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The RRP shown is for a complete set of Airo Bar Roof Racks for vehicles with raised side rails. Raised side rails are the types that have a gap between the bottom edge of the rail and the roof of the car. If you are unsure, please ask a question. Length of these Airo Bars is 133cm. Fully lockable.

CRUZ AIRO Bars offer the latest design in the Aluminium roof rack range. These top quality, European made roof racks not only look amazing, but their aerodynamic design reduces drag and wind noise and improves fuel efficiency (when compared to other CRUZ bars). The CRUZ Airo Bar Roof Racks are independently tested, TUV Certified and Load Rated. And all of this for a very competitive price! This part number in the Airo Bar range is not suitable for all vehicles, click HERE to visit the CRUZ Roof Racks search engine to find all the options available for your vehicle, or contact us directly.

  • High quality European manufacturing
  • TUV Certified
  • Latest aerodynamic design in the CRUZ Roof Rack Range
  • Quieter and more efficient
  • Rubber strips to protect your cargo and to further reduce the effects of wind noise
  • T-tracks through the bars to mount a range of roof rack accessories
  • Locks included


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